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R/C Metal 1/4 Gas Boat Prop 3 Blade 67mm diam pitch 1.7 (367)
R/C Metal 1/4 Gas Boat Prop 3 Blade 67mm diam pitch 1.7 (367)
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1 x Nano-tech LiPo Battery 4000mAh 11.1v 25C 50C
1 x R/C Metal 1/4 Gas Boat Prop 3 Blade 67mm diam pitch 1.7 (367)
1 x High Current Connector / Deans Ultra T Connector Plug
1 x 1m Gaine thermo 3mm noire
1 x Brushed with BEC For 1/10 & 1/12 RC car 300A
1 x 5 x fusible auto (de 3 à 15A)
1 x 3.5mm Gold Connector
2 x 5 x 4mm Gold Connector pair
1 x 3/16 X 300mm flex cable and prop shaft for rc boat
1 x New Stainless Steel Tweezers Forceps Curved Straight
1 x Receiver Battery Pack 2300mAh
1 x 6.5mm Gold Connector pair
1 x 4mm Gold Connector pair
1 x 2mm Gold Connector pair
1 x 5 x fusible auto 40A
1 x 1/10 4WD Electrical powered Buggy - ARTR
1 x 10 x High Current Connector / Deans Ultra T Connector Plug
2 x Red Evo hydroplane ARTR wh Motor & ESC boat
1 x CNC Rudder - extra Long - rc boat
1 x Spirit Mini Sport Glider 815mm EPO (PNF)
1 x 1200KV - 450W - Shaft 5mm
3 x 30.5 Hydro Twin motors Sober Hull with hard only RC boat
1 x Plastic Vernier Caliper set 80mm & 150mm
1 x 22.55 Deep Vee with hard only RC boat
1 x 10 x 6mm Gold Connector pair
1 x M4×4 Hexagon Tight Screw Nail 3pcs
1 x Flex collet for 4mm motor shaft and 4mm or 5/32 cable
1 x 25 x High Current Connector / Deans Ultra T Connector Plug
1 x Cable TRX - Banana plugs
1 x Servo Con-Rod for Boat Rudder
1 x aluminium water outlet for small rc boat
1 x HobbyWing / Ezrun Brushless Motor ESC Programming Card
1 x Water-Cool 120A Boat Brushless Motor ESC (Swordfish/Heifei)
1 x EC3 5mm Connector (Pair)
1 x Turnigy Infrared Thermometer (-33 ~ 220Celsius)
2 x 90A 3A BEC Brushless ESC for boat
1 x 2 x 33mm 3 Blade Prop
1 x Water-Cool 200A Boat Brushless Motor ESC (Swordfish/Heifei)
1 x Aluminum rudder and strut for electric boat catamaran
1 x 1/8 scale Electric Pinion Gear 17T
1 x Mini Deep Vee Brushless ARTR 50km/h
1 x Brushless ESC program box (Swordfish/Heifei)
1 x Fiberglass Tunnel F1 Brushless Motor Electric RC Speed Boat
2 x Flex shaft for micro boat
1 x 1m Gaine thermo 6mm noire
1 x M4×5 Hexagon Tight Screw Nail 3pcs
1 x 5 x 3.5mm Gold Connector
1 x Big Tamiya battery connector plug & socket with 20cm leads
1 x AC/DC Digital Clamp Multimeter Electronic Tester
1 x Cable Tamiya to mini tamiya
1 x M3×3 Hexagon Tight Screw Nail x 3pcs
1 x Colle epoxie 30min - Epoxy Glue 30mn
1 x 1.25m Gaine thermo 3.2mm Jaune-verte
1 x model tool Hex Key kit 1.5, 2, 2.5 3mm Skidproof handle
1 x 1m Gaine thermo 7mm noire
1 x 2900 KV Brushless Motor & 30A ESC
1 x Up 70km/h- 32 Cata Victory ARTR wth Motor & ESC RC boat
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