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1/8 Plastic Rubber Tires & Wheels  (2 x 1 pair)
1/8 Plastic Rubber Tires & Wheels (2 x 1 pair)
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180A 3A BEC Brushless ESC for boat Stock Lieferbar sofort. Im Laden verfübar
180A 3A BEC Brushless ESC for boat
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Programmable settings; Reverse Low Voltage (none/2.8v/3v/3.2v/3.4v) Brake: (none/soft/hard) Timing (0.00/3.75/7.50/11.25/15.00/18.75/22.50/26.25) Constant Current: 180A Burst Current: 360A Resistance: . 0007ohm Battery: 2-6S Lipoly BEC: 5.8v/ 3A Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Size: 72 x 68 x 34mm Weight: 165g TURNIGY marine ESC s are built with USA IR mosFETs for long run times and less heat. Boat esc s have a different requirement to air or car esc s. Their need for sustained high-amp draw makes plane esc s unsuitable and car esc s with large amp spike capability, unnecessary. Thats why TURNIGY marine esc s are designed purely for boats, and coated in anti-static then water resistant laquer to prevent shorting should the esc get wet. They can handle sustained high amp/volt loads and handle heat better than a car or plane esc . What makes this ESC better than others? -Well designed MCU, with efficient code makes for faster sync and accurate timing. -Fast clock cycle MCU combined with efficient code means 100,000rpm cpu cycle* -Efficient FETs reduce heat and deliver sustained switching at high amp/voltage. -Well designed PCB (6 layer) and circuit diagram handles high-amp without burnout. -Large motor comptability. Smooth starts, linear throttle curve. -Active water cooled heatsink that actually works.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Samstag, 09. Oktober 2010 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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HobbyWing / Ezrun Brushless Motor ESC Programming Card
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