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3000KV - 410W - Shaft 3.17mm Stock Livrable de suite. Disponible au magasin
3000KV - 410W - Shaft 3.17mm
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HOBBYMIX sensorless motor. will provide you the benefit of the latest in brushless technology. All HOBBYMIX Motors are hand-wound, assembled and tested. Each motor is meticulously inspected and tested for internal shorts, as well as run extensively before final packaging. We believe it will be to your benefit to take the time and effort to read these instructions. We are confident you will be satisfied with the performance of the HOBBYMIX Sensorless Motor. Installation and Maintenance: Insert the motor mounting screws that came with your vehicle through the motor mounting plate. 540-size motors need no more than 1/8” of screw extending past the vehicle’s mounting plate (2-4mm). Too little can strip the motor’s threads, too much will cause internal motor damage & will void warranty. Attach motor to vehicle’s motor mount using one of the sets of threaded mounting holes--select a mounting position that keeps the solder tabs clear of conductive surfaces like aluminum or graphite. With a Sensorless motor you will connect the 3 motor leads, from the Electronic Speed Control (ESC), one to each motor connector. If the motor runs in the opposite direction desired, unplug any two motor wires, reverse the location and plug back together. Do not over-tighten the motor screws. Brush off dirt and dust frequently from the bearings. Place a drop of oil on each bearing at the same time. Motor Turn :13T KV (unloaded):3000KV (RPM/Volt) Max Amps :37A Shaft Diameter :0.125in / 3.17mm Diameter :1.41in / 35.8mm Length :1.968in / 50mm (Without Shaft) Shaft Length :0.59in / 15mm This 3650 sized motor has a core of 380 class motor but the outside appearance is as same as 540 class motor, so its size is suitable for all 1/10 chassis. It is mostly used for 1/10 and 1/12 scale ON-ROAD car. Precision Ball Bearings. Compatible with both 2S and 3S LiPo Batteries, and NiMH batteries from 4 cells to 12 cells.

Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le dimanche 26 septembre, 2010.
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1 x Phoenix RTF, Brushed motor 1380mm (Lanyu)
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