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1/8 Plastic Rubber Tires & Wheels  (2 x 1 pair)
1/8 Plastic Rubber Tires & Wheels (2 x 1 pair)
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22.55 Deep Vee with hard only RC boat Stock Lieferbar sofort. Im Laden verfübar
22.55 Deep Vee with hard only RC boat
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Are you ready for a breakthrough? We have a newcomer for our Fiberglass Boat Team. This newcomer owed the latest Anti-Turnover Design. Simply implies, it won't sink! Amazingly, it will gradually Turn Back once water gets into it. The 3 holes are the mystery of the Design. They're well-cut into a Great Circle shape. You can hardly stop stroking the Streamline and Smoothy Shinny Gel Coat Body, you might heard for many times, but we are really proud of that. We believed that you should feel how satiny it is from the photo, but you can 't imagine how strong it is. Besides, there're 2 LEAD weight packs included for this package. You can stick it in the boat for balancing. They're cut into little piece, and can be easily transformed! Still hesitating? The feeling can't easily drop by words. Nothing true until you put in your devices and RUN! 2 x LEAD Weight packs Included Rudder & Other Hardware Pre-installed Suitable for Mono 1 competitiion. Handmade. Ultra strength polyester fibreglass material. Strong and Light Weight. Streamline Design. 22.5 " / 570mm Long. Polished like mirror.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Samstag, 04. Juni 2011 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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