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Flex shaft for micro Magic cat boat
Flex shaft for micro Magic cat boat
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Water-Cool 200A Boat Brushless Motor ESC (Swordfish/Heifei) Stock Lieferbar sofort. Im Laden verfübar
Water-Cool 200A Boat Brushless Motor ESC (Swordfish/Heifei)
Water-Cool 200A Boat Brushless Motor ESC (Swordfish/Heifei)
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Hifei SWORDFISH ESC, is a high quanlity ESC who is specially designed for racing boat, unique PCB layout between the drive boards and water cooler keep the ESC always cool at whole racing, also the extremely low resistance (0.00066 ohm) and up to 8 optional program setting make your power system incredible.  
1)Microprocessor controlled  

2)Extremely low resistance  

3)200A continous(220A surge)  

4)Up to 20cells NiMH/NiCad or 2~6cell Lithium-polymer  

5)High rate adjustable switching (PWM:8KHz/12KHz/16KHz)  

6)BEC:3.5A (switching BEC),Max 4A  

7) Programmable low voltage cutoff  

8) Programmable cutoff types(soft cutoff/hard cutoff)  

9) Programmable brake type(disable/soft brake/hard brake)  

10)Time advance programmable (low/standard/high)  

11) Support Hifei Program Card /USB Linker  

12)Programmable startup type(very soft start/soft start/fast start)  

13)Thermal Protection(100 centigrade)  

14) Runs motor in forward or reverse by swapping any two motor wire connections.  

15) Safe �power on� arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.  

16) Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe for more than 3 seconds .After radio connection has been reestablished, moving the throttle to the lowest position can restart the motor.  

17) The ESC is disabled when the voltage is over 26v at power-on. 

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 12. August 2012 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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