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R/C Metal 1/4 Gas Boat Prop 3 Blade 67mm diam pitch 1.7 (367)
R/C Metal 1/4 Gas Boat Prop 3 Blade 67mm diam pitch 1.7 (367)
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Spirit Mini Sport Glider 815mm EPO (PNF) Stock Lieferbar sofort. Im Laden verfübar
Spirit Mini Sport Glider 815mm EPO (PNF)
Spirit Mini Sport Glider 815mm EPO (PNF)Spirit Mini Sport Glider 815mm EPO (PNF)Spirit Mini Sport Glider 815mm EPO (PNF)
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Spirit is a brilliant and fast mini glider with an advanced clip together construction that makes for fast assembly and easy parts replacement, it also comes with a pusher pod conversion kit (pusher motor not included) which is ideal for turning the Spirit into a mini FPV platform.

Made from tough  EPO  foam, the Spirit is both quick and easy to assemble, the motor and folding prop have been pre-installed and the  ESC  & servo's are also pre-fitted, the wings & all moving tail simply clip together and the 2 pc wing screws on, in fact it takes longer to apply the decals than build the model! For those perhaps wanting to FPV with the Spirit, the model comes with a pusher motor pod (no motor included) replacement blanking nose cone and different prop/spinner, changing configuration is fast and simple once you have assembled your own motor into the pod, potentially offering you a different way of enjoying your Spirit.

As it comes, the Spirit is a blast to fly, fast and agile with a superb off power glide, it has no bad tendencies making this great little glider easy to fly and massive amounts of fun. Small enough to be flown in the park yet fast enough to raise the pulse, the Spirit is the perfect grab n fly model, good looking, easily transported, easy to assemble, robust and and a hoot to fly, the Spirit is an awful lot of model for the money!

Plug and Fly....simply add your own Reciever/Battery and fly! 
Fast and Simple to Assemble 
Choice of Tractor or Pusher Configuration 
Tough  EPO  Foam Construction 
Removable wing for Easy Transportation 
All Moving Tail for Superior Control 
Supplied with Tools for Assembly....no glue required! 
Clip Together Wings and Tail for Easy Parts Replacement 
Superb Flight Performance

Wingspan:  815mm 
Length:  623mm 
Flying Weight:  345g 
Thrust:  580g (Tractor)  
Motor:  2621 Brushless  Outrunner  1100 kv 
Prop Size:  8x5 Folding 
ESC :  20A w/BEC 
Servo:  5g x 4

Pusher Motor Pod, 5x4.5 Prop, Spinner & Nose Cone Blank 

Your Own 4 Channel TX/ RX 
22-26 Brushless  Outrunner  Motor 2200 kv  (for Pusher Conguration Only) 
450mAh~500mAh 3s  Lipoly  Battery




Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 24. August 2012 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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