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1/10 DTM front foam Tire 45Deg (1 pair) Stock Lieferbar sofort. Im Laden verfübar
1/10 DTM front foam Tire 45Deg (1 pair)
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GRP Foam Tyres are specially made for the high speed demands of nitro touring cars. This line of tires comes mounted on a new rigid wide rim. All tires are glued with cyanoacrylate to bond the rubber to the rim for worry free racing. Grouped by shore readings in all the popular hardnesses, these mounted tires are used by some of the

top racers around the world. As with all GRP foam tires, performance and quality are second to none.

26mm 45 degree

The new 1:10 Touring foam line 2008, has been completely renewed following on going research and tests made in cooperation with the best drivers and major model manufacturers of this category. All has been studied at best to guarantee the driver to get the best performance in each racing condition, and on every track. These iprovements concern all various components of the finished tire, such as foam compound, rim, gluing etc... as indicated below.


  • One of the main improvements consists in the use of a new automatic gluing system which eliminates fully any elastic tension inside the tire structure, guaranteeing a major grip and a longer lasting.
  • This line is produced both as a standard version as well as MTS multi-rings.
  • These tires are available glued on a GRP dish rim and for SERPENT, MUGEN and KYOSHO models.


    Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 12. August 2012 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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