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25A 2A BEC For 1/10 to 1/18 RC car Stock Livrable de suite. Disponible au magasin
25A 2A BEC For 1/10 to 1/18 RC car
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Features / Specifications: 1. These types of speed controllers especially designed to offer high power and high efficiency combined with low weight and compact dimensions. 2. Automatic cut off and auto detection of all types and number of cells. 3. Perfect design for direct drive applications. The motor will respond to throttle input & accelerate instantly. There is no immediate cut-off power when the voltage drops, instead, the power to the motor will be gradually reduced as the battery loses its charge, providing enough time to safely drive termination or stop the model. When the battery voltage drops below 65% of its full charge capacity, the power to the model will be cut-off. 4. Driving forwards the braking will be actuated by reversing throttle direction while driving forwards. Interval or spot braking can always be controlled perfectly while driving forwards except when the driving speed drops to certain low level or slip driving happens, which will then reverse to drive backwards after reversing the throttle direction. 5. Driving backwards the braking will be actuated by reversing throttle direction while driving backwards. By reversing throttle direction during driving backwards, it will get only a brief braking action & then reverse to drive forwards instantly. The speed of driving backwards will be responded proportionally to the throttle input. 6. Over temperature protection - Motor to be intermittently turned off when the temperature reaches around 105° centigrade. 7. Fail safe mode - once there is any abnormal signal or signal fail between transmitter & receiver, being detected for about 2 seconds, the controller will cut off the motor power automatically. Once the signals get back to normal, the system will auto-turn on again. 8. Specifications 8.1 Input voltage : 6V ~ 16.8V DC 8.2 Output : 25A, Peak 30A 10 Sec 8.3 BEC : 5V 2A 8.4 Weight : 31g 8.5 Dimension : 41 x 25 x 10 mm

Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le vendredi 01 octobre, 2010.
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